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2015 – All New Everything.

Completely reimagined products for 2015.

Here at Atlas we never stop innovating. Reimagining our entire product line for 2015 allowed us to refine every single aspect of what was already the best neck brace experience on the market.

Every 2015 Atlas Brace features a beautiful new sleek frame shape to better hug your body, an all new Easy Open system, are up to 20% lighter and rest on up to 27% more of your body than the competition, all while the overall size of the product is smaller and more flexible to greater enhance the feeling of freedom. Chest suspension has been increased from 10mm to 30mm of travel, and our new Smart Mounts add the ability to refine the angle of each back support. All new padding material is extremely tough, incredibly lightweight, and best of all, produces vibrant colors. We have paired 4 bright colors of padding with creative new graphics throughout the range of products, and they cater to any style or personality.


Rebranded for 2015, our Atlas Original is now known as the Atlas Air – And for good reason – As it weights in at an incredible 599g (1.25 lbs). It’s amazingly unnoticeable, and still just $299.99.

New to the line for 2015 is the Atlas Broll – Half neck brace, half neck roll – And tailor made specifically for low level impacts. Small children just starting out are going to love it.
And parents are going to love the price – Just $99.99.

Atlas CarbonProdigy, and Tyke have also been completely re-done, and are better than ever.

Visit the completely revamped for more info, and pre-order today.

Orders will be shipping late December.