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A-Team Amateurs @ Mini O’s

Atlas congratulates all of the A-Team Amateurs for their accomplishments at the Mini O’s!

Mitchell Harrison #229
2nd 250 Pro Sport (MX) 
2nd 250 A (MX)
Jon Ames #17
1st 250 B Limited (MX)
4th 450 B (MX)
4th 450 B Limited (MX)

Andy Kost #31
1st 450 B Limited (MX)
1st College 16-24 (MX)
2nd 450 B (MX)
1st 450 B Limited (SX)
1st College 16-24 (SX)
Lorenzo Locurcio #83
1st 250 B Limited (SX)
2nd 250 B (SX)
2nd 450 B (SX)
3rd 450 B Limited (SX)
Chase Sexton #486
2nd Schoolboy 13-16 B/C (MX)
3rd Schoolboy 12-16 B/C (SX)
Ethan Mann #52
2nd 85cc 9-11 (MX)
4th 85cc 9-11 Limited (SX)
Preston Masciangelo #22
9th 51cc 4-8 (MX)
13th 51cc 7-8 (MX)

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